It was announced last week that Cadbury has won a legal battle and that they now OWN Pantone 2685C. 

So what does this mean exactly? Well, basically it means you can no longer use this colour. Personally I think the is absolutely ridiculous and Nestlé were in the right to challenge the ruling. No company should be able to own a colour, no matter how big they are, or how prominent that colour is to their brand identity.

It defies belief that this has been allowed. ALL colours in existence are part of the natural spectrum of light, they always have been, they always will be. Cadbury did not invent this colour, nor did they even discover it, they simply chose it (as every company does) to represent themselves.

There is obviously a need to be able to protect your brand image, after all a lot of hard work goes into it and you want it to be unique. This is why companies have logos, or slogans, aspects of a companies brand image that HAVE been created by someone.

Now, some people out there might be thinking ‘Why does this even matter? There are infinite colours out there!’ and yes, there are an infinite amount of colours out there, however there are not infinite colours available for use. Even though this is just one colour that you can no longer use, if everybody decided to go out and buy colours they would very quickly run out.

I think this is a big mistake and soon enough people will begin to abuse this if it isn’t governed properly. Hopefully this won’t happen, but the foundations have been laid…